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Software Under Control



Our Services


We develop any kind of Application

We can develop any type of software that meets the needs of customers using the most modern languages and techniques. We are able, through access to the source code, also to revise existing applications making it more efficient and powerful. If you need a quotation about this, contact us

System Integration

We develop any kind of System Integration

We have decades of experience in managing integration projects between heterogeneous systems.
We develop software solutions for the creation of integration between existing applications.
Contact us to submit your problem, we will be happy to help you choose the best solution with an excellent quality / cost ratio.

Process Automation

We develop any kind of Process Automation

If you believe that some business processes that are now managed manually can be automated… we are the right people to save your time and money by focusing on the high value aspects of your business.

Our Solutions

Contact Center Solutions

We provide an innovative solution, with an excellent cost/benefit ratio, developed by our Italian partner and used in more than 60 countries.

Lone Worker Safety

We provide an innovative certified solution for lone worker management developed by our Swiss partner and used successfully in several countries around the world.

Our Sofware


Easy Proxy is our open source solution to automatically manage a docker nginx container as a frontend for web applications. It can also automate the management of SSL certificates through the use of the certbot tool and Let's Encrypt certificates


Our info

ETHIC LAB SRL – Piazza Della Repubblica, 10 – 20121 – Milano
PIVA 07564310964 – SDI code W7YVJK9